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LED flexible Strip lights do not light up 8 big reasons

1, LED flexible light packaging protection is not perfect, cause led by the impact damage during transport.
2, LED flexible light welds have a cold solder joint, vibration during transport causes shedding of solder led lights do not light up.
3, LED flexible light less solder, solder come off easily
4, LED flexible light soldering quality is not good, LED flexible light during the bending process prone to brittle fracture, welding points in loss
5, LED flexible light installation bending angle is too large, which LED flexible light lead solder and copper apart is not lit
Excessive squeeze 6, LED flexible light installation led LED flexible light strip deformation of solder joints of chip is damaged or fall off without
7, LED flexible light circuit board solder mask layers too thick, welding solder and circuit board does not fully come together, but also a cold solder joint.
8, LED flexible light strip cannot be distorted when it is installed, if twisted will cause the LED flexible light strip of solder off and the led is not lit.

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